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This sidebar can be used to jump to sections within the page, or other sub pages of the active tab.

Using this approach, you shouldn't need breadcrumbs since you've provided your visitor with a *visual cue* to where they are in the site.

To*learn more about how to use this template, follow the help link. You can also see the styled tags and the print layout version.

Dynamic Template

Taken from the book of   fluidity , this template is exceptionally easy to customize using re-useable CSS classes.

This template quickly and easily allows for one, two, three or even four column layouts. This is done with simple CSS classes that can be used over and over again. To learn more about it, follow this link . The template itself is valid XTHML 1.0 strict and /almost/ valid CSS. The almost is added in there because CSS expressions were used. You can read more about that here.

This template doesn't use fixed columns. With a few simple CSS classes you can quickly change the appearance. Click here to learn how.

Since this template is fluid width and the font sizes are defined relatively, you can change font size without breaking the layout. The fluid width also means that people with higher resolutions aren't constrained.

Total size of the images used is just under 25 kb, so that's good news to all the dial-up users. The code behind the template is semantically written which means that it is widely supported. As for the browsers, it displays consistently in the usual suspects:

Firefox of course
Opera sure, why not
Netscape like firefox's less attractive cousin at the dance
Internet Explorer ...
Safari cause macs are computers too
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